1 Shot Exterminator

1 Shot Exterminator is an online arcade flash game in hot unblocked games. You will play this game as an alien pest hunter. When you start the game, you will realize that the space is full of bugs and pest. These bugs and pest break the peace in the space by attacking any spaceship which comes close to them. As an alien pest hunter, your mission is to keep the peace by killing the bugs and pest. Let’s travel from planet to planet and kill all of them!

How To Play 1 Shot Exterminator 

In 1 Shot Exterminator, you can use the space bar, R and Arrow keys or W, D, S, A keys as the game controls. You can use either the W, D, S, A keys or the Arrow keys to move your character whereas you can use space bar to fire your weapon. Finally, you can use the R key to restart the game.