18 Wheeler 2 Unblocked

18 Wheeler 2 is the enhanced version of an challenging reaction-based game series. In this game, you will control a truck, and your mission is to park your truck into assigned parking areas. While you are doing this, you should be very fast because you have short limited time for this. When you wonder the time, you can check it by looking at the time meter on the top right corner of the game screen. 

How To Play 18 Wheeler 2 

In 18 Wheeler 2, you can use the Left Arrow, Up Arrow, Right Arrow, Down Arrow, space bar and H keys as the game controls. You can turn the wheel to left and right by using the Left and Right Arrow keys whereas you can move your truck forward by pressing the Up Arrow. Also, you can move your truck backward by pressing the Down Arrow. If you want to brake, you can use the space bar. Finally, you can use the H key for horn.

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