4th and Goal 2018

4th and Goal 2018 is a football game with top-down view. Actually, it is the new edition of an addictive football game series. In this football game, there are customizable teams, skill levels, variety of formations, fun gameplay and simple controls. You can start the game by choosing your favorite team. Then, you should choose an opponent team to face off against, and you should play your opponent off the field by using some tactics and plays. 

How To Play 4th and Goal 2018 

In 4th and Goal 2018, you can use the space bar, A, S, D, W and Arrow keys. First of all, you can run by using the Arrow keys. Besides that, if you want to pass the ball, you can use the A, S and D keys. In order to do an action, you can press the space bar. Finally, the W key allows you to use the speed boost. 

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