A Goody Life

A Goody Life, one of unblocked games like ones in unblocked games 66, is an adventure game. A Goody Life is like the Sims. In this game, you will continue a virtual life with your character. Basically, you will try to survive your character by fulfilling his vital needs and make your character happy with extra events. Because your character does not have enough life experience, he needs your help. Therefore, you should help him through this great adventure.

How To Play A Goody Life Unblocked

When you start this one of unblocked games, you will begin the adventure in the office of mayor of Goody City. He will talk about how they provide start-up support for newcomers. Also, he will complete some paperworks about you. When he starts to do the paperworks about you, you will start to create your character. First of all, you should enter the name of your character. Then, you should select one of home options. At the beginning, you will 1050 coins. Therefore, you will be able to buy only the one home whose sizes are 6 column and 6 rows.

After buying your home, the paperworks are completed, and the journey actually starts. Then, you will see a panel that contains your main stats. These stats can affect your daily activities. You can change the stats screen by clicking the arrows on this panel. On the other screen, there ae secondary stats. These ones can affect your work and other performances. In order to fill and deplete the meter of these stats, you should do the activities associated with them.

Also, there is a clock in order to monitor timing of an event in the right side of the game screen over the stats panel. If you want to rearrange your furniture, you should use the blue colored icon in the left side of the game screen. You can find this icon over your name.

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