is one of exciting and challenging io games with the cell-eating theme. In this io game, you will control a single cell. You can customize your cell with a bunch of fun skins. Besides that your mission in the game is to grow in size, multiply and defeat all of your enemies. In order to grow in size, you should collect the colored gems on the floor. 

If you want to collect the colored gems quicker, you should split your single cell into smaller units. However, there is a disadvantage of this situation. When you split your cell into smaller units, you will become an easy target for your enemies. 

How To Play 

In, you can use the space bar, W and E keys as the game controls. While you can split your cell into smaller units by pressing the space bar, you can recombine them instantly by using the E key. Also, in order to shoot mass, you can use the W key. 

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