Angry Birds Rush Rush Rush

Angry Birds Rush Rush Rush that is a kind of race game is one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games. In this exciting game, you will discover that the angry birds are also good at driving. Depending on the story of the angry birds, King Pig wanted the birds’ eggs from his little pigs when he was bored at eating same food all the time. Therefore, his little pigs have tried to steal the eggs of birds and run away. You have to catch the pigs and rescue the eggs by driving your unique vehicle.

There are two different character that you can select and play with in this one of unblocked games . These characters are Red Bird and Green Bad Pig. This means that you can also select the evil side. If you choose Green Bad Pig, you will be the one who steals the eggs. On the other hand, when you choose Red Bird, you will try to rescue the eggs of your community. In other words, you have a chance to choose either rescuing team or stealing team.

How To Play Angry Birds Rush Rush Rush

First of all, you will see the screen which you can select your character. After selecting your character, the crazy challenge will start. In Angry Birds Rush Rush Rush, you will use the Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow, Right Arrow and space bar in order to control and move your vehicle. As the Up Arrow should be pressed to move your vehicle forward, the Down Arrow should be used to move your vehicle backward. Also, you should use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow to control the balance. Finally, you should press the space bar in oder to jump.

Tricks and Tips For Angry Birds Rush Rush Rush

We have some beneficial tips for you to achieve your goal in the challenging game. One of these beneficial tips is that at some point you will pass through the dangerous forest. As you guess like other games, it is very important to stay alive in also this game. Therefore, keep in mind that you should be very careful in this forest. Another beneficial tips is about forming a balance by driving your vehicle. It is another thing that may keep you alive. You should create a balance by driving your vehicle as fast as possible, and also try to maintain this balance.

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