Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter which is one of unblocked games may be the oldest archery point-and-shoot type game. It is a simple designed game but at the same time it is very enjoyable. In this simple designed game, your aim is to hit an apple which is placed on an annoying fat guy named as Joe. According to the story, Joe really loves to eat burgers, cakes, pies and all other unhealthy things. You have an apple to eat, but he does not want to do that. Then, what can we do with that apple? So, put the apple on the head of Joe, and count to three with the bow in your hands.

Apple Shooter, one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games, provides 16 challenging levels to you all! You should be very careful and accurate about aiming your target, apple, and shooting it. Because when you fail to hit your target, you will kill a human. Even Joe is an annoying man, you do not want to kill a human.

When you hit the target by using your bow and arrows wisely, you will see the next level. Throughout the progress of levels, the distance between you and the target will increase, so this means the mission will become more difficult. On the other hand, if you miss the target, you can use another arrow. Just be careful, do not kill Joe!

How To Play Apple Shooter

In this entertaining game, all you need to do is to use your mouse for controlling the bow to hit your target. You should position your cursor on the game screen in order to set the angle by determining the aim. After positioning, you should click and hold the left mouse button to make a shoot. Holding the left mouse button will also allow you to set the power of your shoot. Therefore, the longer you hold the left mouse button, the greater the power of the arrow. Finally, when you release the button, you will make the arrow fly.

Tricks and Tips For Apple Shooter

Here is a tip for drawing the bow in this game: you should fire your arrows at full power. Because when you fire an arrow at full power, the arrow will fly straighter and your chance to hit the apple will increase.

Another tip is about aiming. Remember, aiming low is too risky, so you should always aim high. This may inhibit the risk of killing fat Joe.