Art Of War Omaha

Art Of War Omaha, one of unblocked games, is actually a shooting game in hot unblocked games. The game takes place on 1944. In the game, you will be a private in the US army. Your mission is to hit Omaha beach in order to reach your enemy. When you are in a war, all is naturally about staying alive. In other wars, you should survive before anything else. You should stay away lots of dangers such as enemy soldiers, explosions and barbed wire.

Art Of War Omaha, one of unblocked games is suitable for all ages with its unique graphics. Furthermore, you can have 3 different difficulty level in this game. These options are easy, normal and brutal. For each level of the game, you will have different amounts of live. For example; as you will have 5 lives for the easy levels, the game provides you 3 lives for the normal levels. The worst thing is playing the most difficult levels. Because you will have only 1 live to pass these ones.

In either easy levels or hard levels, you should be very fast and brave to block the enemy soldiers. Do not forget this battle is really harsh, so you have to benefit anything on your path to be a surviver. Throughout your path, you should take a corpse as a shield when you see one. Also, you will see some dog tags that can be taken from fallen soldiers. Collecting these dog tags leads to get points. Keep in mind that the more dog tags you collect, the highest points you get. Also, you should be very careful about not killing your allies.

How To Play Art Of War Omaha

In Art Of War Omaha, you will start with choosing a difficulty level which suits your ability. You should use the Down Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, Right Arrow and space bar in order to kill your all enemies during the path and run to the beach safely. You should use the Up Arrow for moving your soldier to the upward. Also, the Down Arrow should be pressed to move him to the downward. While, you should use the Left Arrow to move him to the backward, you should use the Right Arrow to move him to the forward. Finally, the space bar should be used for shooting.

At the bottom of the game screen, there is a mini map. With this mini map, you can follow your progress. In other words, you can know the distance between you and the beach by looking at this mini map.

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