Axis Football League

Axis Football League, one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games, is an interactive, fun, in-depth American football simulation. In this game, you can compete in lots of football matches, and also leagues. Furthermore, you can choose your team from 14 different teams. These teams are the New York Rockets, the Arizona Redbirds, the Indianapolis Mustangs, the Baltimore Nighthawks, the Pittsburgh Steel Men, the Carolina Prowlers, the Oakland Pillagers, the San Diego Storm, the Chicago Grizzlies, the San Francisco Gold Rushers, the Dallas Wranglers, the Philadelphia North Birds, the New Orleans Crusaders and the New England Volunteers.

Each team has unique stats and excels based on passing, rushing, blocking, rush def and pass def. When you take a look at these team characteristics, you will see that some of them are really good at pushing while others are not. Some teams are good at defence. Therefore, you should make your chose by considering these stats and excels. Also, you should choose a strong formation in order to score a touchdown.

Axis Football League Unblocked

In this game, you will have 2 different playing modes that are quick game and season mode. This means that as you can play the game in quick match mode, you can also join a whole American football season.

Rules Of Axis Football League

In order to be a winner in Axis Football League, one of unblocked games, you should consider both game and season rules.

Game Rules

  • Each game has two halves.
  • Each halve lasts 5 minutes.
  • If the clock stops and you cannot complete passes, side will change.
  • In each half, you will see a warning named one minute warning.
  • The time between two plays cannot lasts more than ten seconds.
  • Keep in mind that overtime is sudden death.

Season Rules

  • Each season consists of twelve weeks/games.
  • At the end of the twelfth game, playoffs time for the top eight teams.
  • Playoffs will have 3 rounds.

How To Play Axis Football League

In this game, you will use your mouse, W, A, S, D keys and space bar to control your team. By moving your mouse and pressing the space bar, you can aim and kick the ball. You can also use the space bar for speed burst. Moreover,iIf you want to change player on defence or throw on offense, you can use the left mouse button. Never forget: choosing the player who is closest the ball throughout the game is crucial. For moving your player to up, down, left or right, you can use classical movement keys which are the A, W, D and S keys. Finally, in order to select either attack plans or defence plans, you should use your mouse.

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