Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream is a kind of puzzle game. In this unique puzzle game, you will control a colorful and delicious ice cream, and your mission is to collect all of the fruits such as bananas, watermelons and blackberries on each level. However, this is not enough to complete a level. You should also avoid being melted or destroyed by your enemies. It other words, you should move around the map to collect all fruits by avoiding your enemies. 

The game provide 2 different playing modes to you all! These modes are 1 player mode and 2 players modes. This means that you can play this puzzle game alone or you can play it with your friend on only one computer. This is really great opportunity to have fun together!

How To Play Bad Ice Cream Unblocked

By clicking the “Click to Lick” button, you should start Bad Ice Cream. After that, you should click the “Play” button on the main game menu. When you click it, you will see 2 playing modes that we mentioned earlier. You should choose one of these playing modes. Then, you need to choose one of the ice cream colors. The colors options in the game are pink, brown and white. After choosing the color and chapter, you are ready to have fun. 

If you select the 1 player mode, the game controls are the Arrow keys, space bar and return key. In order to move around the map to collect the fruits, you should use the Arrow keys. Besides that, in order to trap you enemies by shooting freezing blocks of ice, you should press either the space bar or return key. 

If you select the 2 players mode, the game controls for the first player are similar with the 1 player mode. The game controls for the second player are the A, D, W, S and F keys. The second player should use the A, D, W and S keys for moving around while he or she should use the F key for shooting.