Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends that is one of unblocked game is a game gives you chance to play with the best basketball stars and your favorite players. In this game, various NBA teams and players are offered to you such as the Cleveland Cavaliers with Lebron James, Golden State Warriors with Stephen Curry, OKC Thunder with Kevin Durant, etc. You should be ready to meet the greatest icons in the sport!

Basketball Legends, a game of hot unblocked game, provides cool stylized graphics and different types of shots and moves that can allow you to create unique strategies. Besides those, you will have various types of playing modes and multiplying function. This means that you can play this game with your friends.

Playing Modes Of Basketball Legends

There are 3 different playing modes in the game, one of unblocked games. These modes are quick match mode, 1 player mode and 2 players mode. In the 1 player mode category, the game presents 3 options such as random match, tournament and training. With these options, you can play either a quick match or a whole tournament. You can do it either with your friends or alone. If you want to play the game with your friends, you should select 2 players mode in the main menu.

How To Play Basketball Legends

First of all, you should select one of local save and online save options. After that, you should decide on one amount 3 playing modes. Depending on the mode that you chose, you will play against either one of your friends or computer.

If you select 1 player mode, you will play the game against the computer. In order to control your character and be a winner, you should use the W, A, S, D , B, V and D keys. To move your character to the right and left side, you should press the D and A keys. To jump, you should use the W key. You can use the S key for bump. Moreover, if you want to make a super-shot, you can press the V key. When you press the D key twice, you can run faster. Also, you can use the B key for regular shots.

If you select 2 players mode, you will play the game against one of your friends. Controlling keys are the same with 1 player mode for the first player. However, the second player will use the Arrow keys, L and K keys for controlling. The Left and Right Arrow can be used to move the left and right side. Besides that, the L key is for regular shots, and the K key is for super-shots. The Down Arrow is for bump. Finally, the Left Arrow can be pressed twice to run faster.