Bleach vs Naruto

Bleach vs Naruto, an unblocked game played at even school, is a great battle between Shinobi and Shinigami. In this battle, you need to choose your side. Will you join Ichigo, Sakura, Naruto, Rukia, Sasuke, Renji, other powerful ninjas or great Shinigamis? First of all, you will find your favorite fighter and choose his or her. Besides that, you will choose an assistant. You should keep in mind that the right choice of assistant will be very beneficial for you in the battle. After choosing your character and assistant, you will fight against other fighters in order to emerge the fabulous warrior by controlling your character.

In this version of Bleach vs Naruto, you will have two new fighter characters and one summon assistant. When you start this unblocked game, you will see Naruto’s new representative is Deidara who is an explosion specialist and Akatsuki member. On the other hand, Shinigami’s representative is Ikkaku Madarame who has the third seat of the eleventh division in the Gotie 13. Also, Yachiru Kusajishi who is from Bleach is the new summon assistant.

How To Play Bleach vs Naruto

The game controls in this game are very similar with other arcade fighting games. For the game controls, the first player should use the W, D, S, A, O, I, U, L, K, J and S keys whereas the second player will use the Arrow keys, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 keys. As you can guess, the W, D, S, A and Arrow keys are for classical movements. The O and 6 keys are for summon assistant. Moreover, while the I and 5 keys are for special attack, the U and 4 keys are for far attack.

In order to sprint, the L and 3 keys should be used. Fighters can made to jump with the K and 2 keys. Besides that, the J and 1 keys are for attack whereas the S key and Down Arrow are for defense.


Here are the first player’s combos:

  • S + J
  • W + U
  • S + U
  • W + L
  • S + L
  • W + J
  • S + I
  • W + I

Here are the second player’s combos:

  • Down Arrow + 1
  • Up Arrow + 1
  • Down Arrow + 3
  • Up Arrow + 3
  • Down Arrow + 4
  • Up Arrow + 4
  • Down Arrow + 5
  • Up Arrow + 5