Bloons Tower Defense 5

Here is the fifth installment of Bloons Tower Defense series. In Bloons Tower Defense 5, your mission is to be a tower defender against bloons. You can play the game as a guest or by registering and logining. If you register the game and login to your account, you can take daily challenges and special mission. 

In the game, there are 6 different maps. These 6 maps are the monkey lane, park path, the rink, blooms, space truckin’ and brick wall. Besides that, the game offers 3 difficulty levels and lots of special agents. 

Difficulty Levels

The difficulty levels are the easy, medium and hard in Bloons Tower Defense 5. Each of them has special features, capabilities and awards. Lets check them:

  • Easy: In the easy mode, the bloons move a little slower than normal. You have 200 lives in this mode. If you win in the easy mode, you have a bronze medal and 75 dollars. 
  • Medium: In the medium mode, the speed of bloons is normal. You have 150 lives in this mode. If you win in the medium mode, you have a silver medal and 100 dollars. 
  • Hard: In the hard mode, the bloons move faster than normal. You have 100 lives in this mode. If you win in the hard mode, you have a gold medal and 150 dollars.

Special Agents

  • Tribal Turtles: Tribal Turtle can live on water or land. This agent throws coconuts and spears. The price of this agent is 85 dollars.
  • Bloonsday Devices: The other name of these devices is the apex of monkey tech. This device gives you temporary control of their orbital strike satellite. The price of this agent is 250 dollars.
  • Meerkat Spies: Meerkat Spy has no attack. These agents use their keen sense to spot camo bloons. The price of this class is 60 dollars.
  • Bloonberry Bushes: Bloonberry bush is a fast growing bloon killer. For each bloon popped, this agent loses a thorn. The price of this agent is 50 dollars. 
  • Beekeepers: Beekeeper has a hive of angry bees that zip to their target. The price of this agent is 120 dollars.
  • Angry Squirrels: Angry Squirrel is armed with sharp acorns. This agent goes berserk when bloons leak. The price of this agent is 60 dollars.
  • Super Monkey Storm: It is a squadron of flying super-powered laser-beamin’ monkeys. The price of this is 50 dollars.
  • Portable Lakes: Portable Lake allows any water unit to be deployed within its waters. The price of this is 40 dollars.
  • Pontoons: Pontoon can be placed almost any land tower on water. The price is 40 dollars.

How To Play Bloons Tower Defense 5

In order to achieve your mission to defence your tower against bloons, you should place monkeys and some special agents on the game field by using your mouse. 

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