Bob The Robber

Bob The Robber is the first installment of popular Bob The Robber series. This amazing puzzle game has an interesting background story. According to its story, there was a little boy who grown up with Robin Hood stories. This boy knew his destiny ever since he was in his mother’s belly. Thus, he was really decided to being like Robin Hood. For that reason, he developed necessary skills for years and he trained hard. Finally, one day, he found a worth goal to begin his crusade. And, now, he is ready to realize his destiny! 

In this popular puzzle game, you will control this skillful young Robin Hood, Bob, in order to get into house, examine it all and steal all valuable things. I know it sounds very easy. However, believe me it is not because your path will be filled with some obstacles such as cameras and guards. Furthermore, some houses may have modern security systems. At the begging of the game, you will steal money from houses without low security. However, as you progress, you will need to steal money from houses or places with high security. Hence, this means that you will have more difficult tasks. 

How To Play Bob The Robber Unblocked

In this one of unblocked games, you can move Bob by using either the Arrow keys or W, D, S and A keys. If you want to go upstairs or go downstairs, you should use either the Up and Down Arrow or the W and S keys. Besides your main goal in each level, you can find additional values by searching the object. In order to do that, you should use the W key or the Up Arrow. When you find a door which is locked, you need to force the lock. In order to force it, you should press and hold the W key or the Up Arrow until you open it. Moreover, some doors have code lock. You can open these doors by pressing one of the Up Arrow and W key when you are near the console and using 0 to 9 number keys to enter the code. 

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