Bomb it 7

Bomb it 7, one of unblocked games like ones in unblocked games 66, is the newest version of Bomb It series. This game offers cute graphics, 8 selectable character, 7 types of power-up, 4 types of vehicles, 7 types of weapons, 9 different fashion items and added missions system. Also, the game support 23 different languages. Generally, your goal is to defeat your enemies. However, in each type of playing modes, you will have different goal.

Playing Modes Of Bomb it 7

In this one of unblocked games, you have 6 different playing modes. These modes are new pac-man, arcade, star collector, battle royale and ice man.

  • Arcade: In arcade mode, you should destroy your all enemies.
  • Battle royale: Your aim is to destroy 10 enemies in battle royale mode.
  • New pac-man: In new pac-man mode, you should collect 100 coins.
  • Star collector: In star collector mode, your aim is to collect all stars.
  • Ice man: You should freeze 10 monsters in ice man mode.

How To Play Bomb it 7

On the same computer, the game lets playing both one player and two players. If the game is in one player mode, you should use the Arrow keys and space bar in order to control your character. As the Up Arrow lets you move the up, the Down Arrow allows you to move the down. Also, you can press the Left Arrow and Right Arrow in order to move left and right side of game screen. In order to bomb, you should press the space bar.

On the other hand, if the game is in two player mode, while the first player should use the W, D, S, A keys and space bar in order to control his or her character, the second player should use the Arrow keys and enter to do that. Space bar and enter are for bombing. W, D, S, A and Arrow keys are for classic movements.

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