Bomb It 8 Mission Unblocked

Bomb It 8 Mission, an unblocked games, is an enjoyable new version of Bomb It series. In this installment, you will have 18 missions to complete. Each of them differs by number of enemies, map, task and game plan. You should follow the instructions in order to learn your missions.

Playing Modes Of Bomb It 8 Mission

In this unblocked games, you will have 2 different playing options that are single player mode and 2 players mode. You can play the game against either the computer by selecting single player mode or your friend by selecting 2 players mode.

How To Play Bomb It 8 Mission

After clicking the start game button on the main menu, you should select one of single player and 2 players modes. After selecting the playing mode, you should customize the difficulty level. There are 3 difficulty level that are easy, medium and hard. Then, you should choose your character from 4 different options.

If you select the single player mode, you will use the Arrow keys and space bar in order to control your character. The Arrow keys are for classical movements including up, down, right and left. The space bar allows you to place a bomb.

If you select the 2 players mode, the first player will use the W, A, S, D and space bar to control his or her character. The W, A, S and D keys are for classical movements. The first player can place a bomb with the space bar. On the other hand, the second player will use the Arrow keys and Enter to control her or his character. While the Arrow keys are for movements, Enter is for placing a bomb.

Power Ups

Here is the list of power ups in Bomb It 8 Mission:

  • Life +1
  • Walk faster
  • Push bomb
  • Bomb +1
  • Bigger explosion
  • Protection shield
  • Freeze the enemy
  • Shoot fire
  • Throw grenade over halls
  • Shoot rockets
  • Lace mine bombs
  • Confuse enemy