Boxing Live 2

Boxing Live 2 is the second installment of really enjoyable boxing game series. In this boxing game, you will start with creating the boxer of your dreams by choosing from hair to skin and gloves to shorts. After that, you will start training your boxer. When you think that he is ready for it, you will let him fight against real champions. 

As you win fight, you will earn the money. By using this money, you will be able to unlock more creation features and purchase the stat points in order to make your boxer stronger. 

How To Play Boxing Live 2

In Boxing Live 2, you can use the Arrow keys, space bar and Ctrl as the game controls. The Arrow keys are the attack keys. By using these keys, you can make your boxer to perform some special box attacks such as punch, jab, straight and uppercut. Also, you can use the Ctrl key for haymaker whereas you can use the space bar for blocking.