Bullet Force

Bullet Force is an 3D multiplayer online game in unblocked games 66. You can play the game as a guest or you can sing up. Also, you can choose one of two playing modes that are the multiplayer and practice. By selecting the multiplayer mode, you can experience a crazy online battle whereas you can enhance your skills by selecting the practice mode. You can play the practice mode with 4 different map options that are woods, outpost, urban and meltdown.

Customizing Your Character In Bullet Force

You character has one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, one throwable item and killstreaks. Your default primary weapon is M4A1. After having the cash by completing the cases in the shop section, you can purchase one of M200, Vector, MP5, UMP, M60, 870 MCS, M40A5, AK-47, SCAR-H, MG4, SAIGA 12K, MK11, ACR, CX Scorpio, FAMAS, MPX, AS VAL, AK-12, MP40 and RPG-7V2.

Your default secondary weapon is compact .45. with the cash, you can set it as 44 Magnum, MP412 REX, M320 Dart, G18, Desert Eagle, hand and M1911. Besides that, your default throwable item is M67 Frag. Other throwable item options are throwing knife, shuriken, M18 Smoke and Flashbang. The game, one of unblocked games, also offers 6 types of killstreaks that are UAV, super soldier, counter UAV, advanced UAV, haste and nuke.

How To Play Bullet Force

First of all, you need to learn how to move your character. In order to move your character, you should use the W, A, S and D keys. Moreover, you should press the space bar for jumping. For aiming and shooting, you should use your mouse. For running, you should use the Shift key. If you want to throw a grenade, you should press the G key whereas you should use the E key in order to pick up a weapon.

Besides that, the R key let you reload a weapon and the F key let you use a knife. sometimes, you may need to crouch. To crouch, you should press the C key. While the 1 key is for primary weapon, the 2 key is for secondary weapon. For killstreaks, you should use the Arrow keys.