Burnout Drift Unblocked

Time for proving your skills in Burnout Drift ! This is a car drifting game with realistic drifting physics and appealing 3D game graphics. When you start the game, you will see a great effort of ideal car setup and mechanics for a unique and awesome driving experience. You will do awesome drifts by driving your car in 3 different types of maps in Burnout Drift. These 3 maps are rocky pass, winter pass and ridge. In order to earn coins and get a high score, you should drift on the tracks. When you drift longer, you will earn the higher coins. 

After earning coins, you should use them in the garage section in order to purchase some upgrades. In the garage section, you will find out the fact that you can virtually do anything with your vehicle. For example, you an adjust the engine power, steering sensitivity or braking ratio. Furthermore, you can combine different vehicle settings in order to reach he ideal car setup.  

How To Play Burnout Drift

The game controls are the W, S, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, A, D, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, space bar, F, G, I, L, K, C, Esc, P, Left Shift and Left Ctrl keys. You should press either the W key or Up Arrow to gas whereas you should press either the S key or Down Arrow to brake. In order to steer, you should use either the A and D keys or the Left and Right Arrows. Besides that, in order to gear up and down, you should press the left Shift and left Ctrl keys. 

Moreover, the space bar should be used to handbrake. If you want to use NOS, you should press the F key. While you can enter slow motion by pressing the G key, you can star or stop the engine by pressing the I key. In addition, the L key should be pressed for using low beam headlights whereas the K key should be pressed for using high beam headlights. Finally, the C key allows you to change camera direction.