Chaos Faction

Chaos Faction is one of active shooting game. In this unblocked games, your aim is to defeat your all enemies. During the game, you should not let them push you from the platforms. This amazing shooting adventure contains 15 challenging levels. Also, the game presents 18 characters and 29 weapons.

Playing Modes Of Chaos Faction Unblocked

There are 3 different playing modes in the game. These are campaign, deathmatch and survival. If you select the campaign mode, you will go face to face against the boss of every arena. The reason of this is to unlock extra weapons, levels and characters. If you select the deathmatch mode, you will be in a melee style blood bath. When you select the survival mode, you will try to defeat as many enemies as possible. Then, you will submit your score.

How To Play Chaos Faction

In this amazing game, you will use the Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Z and X keys in order to control your character. You can make your character move left by pressing the Left Arrow whereas you can make your character move right by pressing the Right Arrow. If you want to make your character jump, you should press the Up Arrow. You can use a shield in order to block the attacks by using the Down Arrow. While by pressing the Z key, you can perform the first attack, by pressing the X key, you can perform the second attack. Finally, you can pause the game with the space bar.

Level Editor Of Chaos Faction

You can create your own custom level with the Level Editor. First of all, you should select a new slot and write the level name. Then, you should choose one of 12 background options. These are mountain, ice, ocean, mountain 2, space, volcano, swamp, desert, canyon, metropolis, sky and field. After selecting the level background, you should place some platforms on the construct area. The game offers 10 different types of platforms. You just need to click and drag one of them to place. Then, the only thing that you need to do is to save this fresh level.

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