Chaos War 3

Chaos War 3, one of games like in unblocked games 66, is an interesting stickman fighting game. This game offers everything that a good stickman game should offer such as more challenges and losts of stickman blood in order to keep the players’ interest. In this excellent stickman game, your goal is to kill as many stickmen enemies as possible.

Playing Modes Of Chaos War 3

In this one of unblocked games, you will 2 different playing modes. These two modes are the story mode and arena mode. In the story mode, you will have lots of task to complete. According to the story of this game, your stickman character has graduated from a magic academy, and he was sent out for fighting this chaos war. During this war, he will have many tasks, and he should complete them as fast as in order to return home. Therefore, you should help him to finish the assigned tasks in the story mode.

On the other hand, there is no story and no tasks in the arena mode. During the arena mode, you can experience fighting with the stickmen and also enhance your fighting skills. Besides that, you can master the controls in this mode.

How To Play Chaos War 3

In Chaos War 3, one of unblocked games, you should use the Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, A, W, E, S and R keys for controlling your stickman figure during the game. First of all, you should press the Left Arrow and Right Arrow for moving your stickman figure to the left and ride side of game screen. The Up should be used for jumping whereas the Down Arrow should be used for ducking. Besides that, in order to roll, you should press the A key.

Moreover, the W key allows you to cast a spell while the E key let you switch the spells. You can also enter burning heart and use burning attacks by pressing the R key. Finally, the S key is for punching and kicking the enemies.

Tricks and Tips For Chaos War 3

For better playing of this game, you should take consider some beneficial tips. These useful tips are following:

  • First of all, you should pain attention instructions and clues that are given during the game.
  • While fighting the stickmen enemies, you should keep the distance between you and these stickmen, so you should not to close them in order to make better attacks.
  • You should jump onto GDP in order to get extra air.
  • If you want to open level exists, you should defeat all enemies.
  • You can get spells by leveling up.
  • When the blue bar called as your SP reaches above 100, you can enter burning heart. By entering burning heart, you can boost your strength and speed.

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