Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes, an unblocked game in hot unblocked games 66, is a quite popular game. Your mission is to defeat some monsters in this simple game. It is really easy but it is best know with its cute graphics. 

Power-ups Of Clicker Heroes Unblocked

  • Auto Clicker: This power-up that costs 100 diamonds allows you to have an auto clicker.
  • Double Damage: In order to have 2 multiplayers to all your damage, you should purchase this power-up. Its price is 50 diamonds.
  • Glided Heroes: This power-up costs 30 diamonds. It lets you have 3 random glided heroes.
  • Timelapse: In order to have 2.069 golds, you should purchase this power-up. Also you can have a cooldown refresher with the power-up. It costs 20 diamonds.
  • Quick Ascension: This power-up that cost 50 diamonds allows you to have an ascension. Also, you can have 7 hero souls with the power-up.

How To Play Clicker Heroes

In the game screen of this unblocked games, there are two column. The left one is game controlling panel. Thanks to this controlling panel, you can check some informations such as clicking, damage, kills, achievements, golds, seasonal events, ascensions and mercenary quests. On the other hand, you can consider the right column as an arena. In this arena, you will face with some monsters including finky, gloop, gerbeelpillar, catra, mushroom bloop, angry potato, impossumble and flower bloop. 

In order to kill these monsters, you should click on them. Killing them causes earning diamonds and golds. Then, you can have upgrade your characters or new helpers and character with the golds. Furthermore, you can buy different types of power-ups that we mentioned earlier with the diamonds.

The Game Achievements 

Here are some achievements of this game:

  • Traitor: get 500 ancient souls.
  • Robber Baron: finish 500 quests for gold.
  • Soul Trader: finish 100 quests for hero souls.
  • Zone King: beat zone 120.
  • Bounty-Queen of Bloops: defeat the Queen of Bloops.
  • Bounty-the Dark Wizard: defeat the Dark Wizard

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