Coaster Racer 3

Coaster Racer 3, an unblocked game, is a perfect racing game with the first person perspective. Like other racing game, your goal is to reach the finish line first.

How To Play Coaster Racer 3 Unblocked

In order to control your vehicle, you should use the Arrow keys, Z, M, X and N keys in the game. You should use the Up Arrow to accelerate your vehicle whereas, you should use the Down Arrow to brake. Also, you can turn the wheel to the right and left side with the Right and Left Arrow. For freestyle, you should press one of the Z and M keys. For increasing nitro, you should press one of the X and N keys.

Upgrades Of Coaster Racer 3 Unblocked

When you have cash, you can buy some upgrades including topspeed, acceleration, brakes, handling, nitro power and boost stages in this game. Also, you can change the color of your current vehicle or get new vehicle by using your cash.

Achievements Of Coaster Racer 3

The 14 different achievements and tasks of this unblocked games are following:

  • Event completer: You should complete every event for this achievement.
  • Beginner player: You should race for 2 minutes for this achievement.
  • Dedicated player: You should race for 20 minutes for taking this achievement.
  • Little winner: You should win 3 races to gain this achievement.
  • Big winner: You should win 10 races for this achievement.
  • Nitro beginner: You should use nitro 5 times for getting this achievement.
  • Nitro superstar: You should use nitro 100 times in order to take this achievement.
  • Little fruity: You should collect 50 fruits for this achievement.
  • Big fruity: You should collect 500 fruits to get this achievement.
  • Little overtaker: You should overtake 10 cars for taking this achievement.
  • Big overtaker: You should overtake 200 cars in order to gain this achievement.
  • Money maker: You should have $1000 in the bank for gaining this achievement.
  • Big money maker: You should have $10000 in the bank to take this achievement.
  • I scream cone: You should hit 50 cones for this achievement.

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