Crazy Flasher 3

Crazy Flasher 3, one of unblocked games in also unblocked games 66, is the third installment of Crazy Flasher series. In this action game, your character is Andy Law. He has been the most formidable fighter ever! Your mission is to help Andy to clear the streets of any thugs on his way and defeat the leaders of their gang. During this dynamic fighting game, you will stroll along the streets, earn respect and money by clearing thugs, and also buy new weapons and upgrades with your money.

How To Play Crazy Flasher 3

Before starting the game, you can take a look at keyboard control instructions by clicking the How To Play button on the main menu. In this section, you will see there are 8 important keys for you. These keys are the W, A, S, D, B, N, M keys and space bar. The W, A, S and D keys are classic movement keys. The W key is for moving Andy to the up, the S key is for moving him to the down, the A key is for moving him to the left, and the D key is for moving him to the right. In order to make Andy to run, you should press one of these keys twice.

Besides that, the B key allow you to attack, the N key is for jumping, and the M key let you perform special attack. Finally the space bar allows you to choose weapon. Furthermore, you can set up keyboard control as you wish. In order to set up keyboard control, you should click the Option button on the main menu.

After getting keyboard control instructions, you should click the Game Start button on the main menu. Then, you should select one of difficulty levels which are easy, normal and hard. In the new screen, you will see a button named as Go Shopping. You can buy swords, guns and bombs by clicking this button. Also, you can set 4 kinds of weapon in the same screen. If you set your weapons, you can start the game by clicking the OK button.

Tricks and Tips For Crazy Flasher 3

Before starting this one of unblocked games, by clicking the Go Shopping button, you can go to the shopping section. In this section, there are swords, guns and bombs to buy. If you select swords, you will see 6 different items. These are cheap sword, huge hammer, meteor hammer, Tomahawk machete, Kido broadsword and laser sword. If you choose guns, you will see 4 different items. These are hand gun, shotgun, bullet of shotgun and bullet of hand gun.

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