Crazy Shooters

Crazy Shooters is a shooting game in hot unblocked games. This shooting game has really interesting gameplay and amazing 3D graphics. In this game developed by FreezeNova, your character is a soldier. You will control this soldier with the first person perspective. Besides that, your mission is to destroy your enemies. 

How To Play Crazy Shooters

In Crazy Shooters, you can use the space bar, D, S, A, W, Shift, R, T, Arrow keys and 1 to 9 number keys as the game controls. First of all, the D, S, A, W keys and Arrow keys have the same functions in the game. They are the movement controls. Besides that, the space bar lets you jump whereas the Shift key allows you to run. If you want to chat with other players, you can use the T key. Also, you can reload your weapon if it is necessary by pressing the R key. Finally, you can use the 1 to 9 number keys to cycle weapons, and you can use your mouse to aim and shoot.