Crazy Stunt Cars Multiplayer

Crazy Stunt Cars Multiplayer is a very fun online driving game in hot unblocked games. In this driving game, you can drive freely around the game map. This game map contains many obstacles to let you perform awesome stunts on. In the game, there are 2 playing modes including multiplayer and single player. This means that you can play the game wither with your friends or alone. When you choose the single player mode, you will have 6 types of behaviors. These are custom, simulator, racing, arcade, drift and fun. If you choose the multiplayer mode, you need to join a room. 

Customizing Your Car

Crazy Stunt Cars Multiplayer offers 11 different vehicle options. You can choose one of them by using the G and H keys. Whereas the G key is for next car, the H key is for previous car. After selecting one vehicle, you can also customize it as you wish by pressin the “Customize Your Car” button on the top left corner of the game screen. When you press the button, you will have 4 different options that are wheels, handling, power and colors. By selecting the wheels option, you can arrange the front chamber, rear chamber, front suspensions, rear suspensions, front suspensions spring force, rear suspensions spring damp, rear suspensions spring force and front suspensions spring damp.

When you select the handling option, you can arrange the level of steering helper. Also, you can enable or disable TCS, ABS, ESP, SH, counter steering and auto steering sensitivity. Moreover, in the power option, there are the max speed, max torque, max brake, gear shifting threshold, clutch threshold options and more. Finally, in the colors option, you can set the headlight colors and wheel smoke colors. Furthermore, you can enable or disable preview smokes and preview flames. 

How To Play Crazy Stunt Cars Multiplayer 

The game controls are the Arrow keys, D, S, A, W, R, C, G and H keys. The Arrow keys or W, D, S and A keys should be used to drive your vehicle. The R key is for repairing whereas the C key is for changing the camera angle. Also, you should use the G and H keys to change your vehicle.