CS Strike Cold Shooters

CS Strike Cold Shooters is an ultimate online multiplayer shooting game with the first person perspective. It can be say that the game is based on Counter Strike. Like Counter, you will take to the battle field and battle against a host of other online players in this shooting game. The game requires very quick reactions because there are many enemies that wait to take you down all around the game environment.  

How To Play CS Strike Cold Shooters 

In CS Strike Cold Shooters, you can use the Shift, R, Ctrl, space bar, C, Arrow keys, 1 to 7 number keys and left mouse button as the game controls. As you can use the Arrow keys for moving your character, you can use the left mouse button for shooting. Also, you can use the 1 to 7 number keys for switching weapons.

If you want to make your character to jump, you can press the space bar. Moreover, you can use the C key to make your character to crouch, and you can use the Ctrl key to prone. Finally, the R key is for reloading your weapon whereas the Shift key is for making your character to run.