Dad n me 2

Dad n me 2 is the second installment of the interesting and cool street fighting themed action game, Dad n me. In this interesting and cool unblocked games, you will control a purple monster. This monster is very aggressive. He will attack everything on his path. In this game, your mission is to knock down everyone. Also, it is to complete the game as quick as you can.

Throughout the path, you will face with lots of different opponents. You and your opponents have HP bars. When you are attacked, your HP will decrease. Also, when you attack your opponents, their HP will decrease. When their HP drops to zero, you defeat your opponents. On the other hand, if your HP drops to zero, you lose the game. You should try to survive as lon as possible.

By attacking your opponents, you can not only decrease their HP but also increase your rage bar. When you have a full rage bar, you will become stronger.

How To Play Dad n me 2 Unblocked

In Dad n me 2, one of interesting fighting game, you will use the A, S and Arrow keys to control the purple monster. First of all, you should press the A key to jab. The B key is for a stronger attack. Moreover, the Up Arrow is for moving the upward and the Down Arrow is for moving the downward. You can move the forward by pressing the Right Arrow as you can move the backward with the Left Arrow. You can run by tabbing one of these four direction keys twice.

Besides that, you can perform special moves by using some combos. Combos are different combinations of the A and S keys. You should use your imagination to create combos. In order to pick kids up, you should walk into them by using the Left and Right Arrow. If you want to pick up an object, you should press the A key. After picking up, you should press the A key in order to throw that object.