Dawn of the Celebs 2

Dawn Of The Celebs 2 that can be played in also unblocked games 66 is a fast paced action shooting and wonderful zombie combat. In this game, you will see that all celebrities turn into zombies except Sylvester Stallone. He is in front of your door with his new limousine, so you and Rambo should run away these bloodthirsty zombies.

In this on of unblocked games, you will control a cop. Your mission is to protect Rambo’s limo and kill the all famous zombies. You do not need to worry about the lime because Rambo drives it. Your job is to use the machine gun in the back of this limo.

The game offers lots of challenging levels for you! During each level, you will earn money when you kill a famous zombie. Using these money wisely is very crucial. Because, you can increase your chance to complete the harder levels by buying proper upgrades and repairing your vehicle with that money.

How To Play Dawn Of The Celebs 2

In this one of unblocked games, you will use the space bar, Q key, R key and your mouse to protect the limo from the zombies’ attacks. First of all, in order to aim the famous zombies, you should move your mouse. After aiming your target, you should hold the left mouse button in order to fire your gun. When the ammo of your gun is out of limit, you should reload it by pressing the R key. Also, if you want to change the graphics quality of the game, you should use the Q key.

Keep in mind that sometimes the famous zombies jumps on you. If you are in a situation like that, the gun will not work to ger rid of them. In this situation, you should press the space bar in order to strike the zombies.

Upgrades Of Dawn Of The Celebs 2

In Dawn Of The Celebs 2, there are 3 types of upgrade option. These are limo upgrades, health upgrades and weapons upgrades. If you click the limo option, you will see that you can both restore and upgrade your limo with your money. With the health option, you can restore your health. Finally, with the weapons option, you can buy 50 more bullets, gold knuckles, laser dot, bullets damage, shotgun and grenade launcher. After buying new weapons, you can use number keys to change your weapon during the game.

Cheat Codes

There are some cheat codes that can be used by clicking the Cheats button in the game menu. These codes which can give you some capabilities are following:

  • Unlimited ammo code: 5139
  • Being invincible code: 7008
  • Rambo knife code: 3222
  • Getting all upgrades of limo code: 8511
  • Shotgun code: 5550
  • Maximum damage code: 9731
  • Gold knuckles code: 9420
  • Grenade launcher code: 0005
  • Getting all awards and covers code: 9145
  • Light saber code: 3737