Dead Drunk V1.9

Dead Drunk V1.9 that is onu uf unblocked games in also unblocked games 66 is the newest version of an interesting stickman game series. In this game, you will control a drunk stickman. According to the story of the game, your stickman is a system administrator. He spent an entire day by configuring the server. This is very tiring and boring job to do. Therefore, he smoked many cigars and drank many beers in order to cheer up while configuring the server.

However, he is now dead drunk, and the working day has finished. This means that he has to go home. Therefore, your mission is to help him to go home in this one of unblocked games. You should avoid him falls and bumps. We promised that it is going to be really an interesting experience. Keep in mind that you should be very careful about makin sure to look where you are stepping on. The reason of this is to avoid the possible accidents around.

How To Play Dead Drunk V1.9

In Dead Drunk V1.9, you will use the A, W, S, D keys, space bar, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Ctrl and Shift for controlling this drunk guy. You can move him to the left side of game screen by using either the Left Arrow or the A key. On the other hand, you can move him to the right side of game screen by pressing either the Right Arrow or the D key. Besides that, the space bar allows you to jump him.

During the game, you can also press one of Ctrl, Shift, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, W and S keys for some additional movements.

Tricks and Tips For Dead Drunk V1.9

There are some tips for better playing of Dead Drunk V1.9. By considering these useful tips, you can guarantee staying alive throughout the levels. Here are tips for the game:

  • While using the stairs, you should not hurry up. You should step very slow and careful not to get harmed.
  • You need acceleration while jumping over a hole in order to make a successful jump.
  • If you want to climb, you should press the Ctrl key.
  • During the game, you will see some clues and instructions. You should pat attention to them.
  • You have unlimited lives, and also you can have checkpoints during the game. This means that you can die as much you desire as, and if you get a checkpoint, you do not need to start at the beginning of the game.

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