Dead Zed

Dead Zed is a zombie shooting flash game in hot unblocked games. With this game that offers an interesting story to its player, zombies are back for you! According to the story of game, you woke up in the middle of zombie attack. You have started to think the rescuers will come as soon as possible. However, you heard they are going to arrive up to 40 days from the broadcast. You have gotten disappointed after that because 40 days are not definitely soon. How will you hold up for 40 days?

In this one of unblocked games in also unblocked games 66, your main goal is to kill all zombies from each wave. Your subgoal is to search some locations for finding survivors, beneficial items and new weapons. In Dead Zed, one of unblocked games, you are supposed to hold up for 40 days, so you will have 40 levels during the game. For each level, there are different amounts of zombie which are attacking your village. You should kill all of them in order to complete each level.

How To Play Dead Zed

In this enjoyable game, you will use the R, 1, 2, F, M, Esc keys and your mouse for game controls. You can aim the zombies by moving your mouse, and then you can shoot and kill them by clicking the left mouse button. If you want to switch fire mode of your weapon, you should press the F key. In order to switch your weapons, you can press either the 1 key or the 2 key. If you prefer to play the game with the mute mode, you can press the M key. During the game, you can want to pause the game or open the main menu of the game. In these reason, you should press the Esc key. Finally, if your gun’s ammo finished, and you want to reload it, you can use the R key or double click.

Tricks and Tips For Dead Zed

During the zombie waves, you will use a rifle to shoot the zombies. When the ammo of your gun finishes, you will lose some time by reloading it. Keep in mind that killing the zombies gives you time to search and collect more hostages, beneficial items and new weapons.

In order to search and collect more hostages, beneficial items and new weapons, between two zombie waves, you should start search parties. Also, during that time, you should defend and repair your safe house. When you get in touch with other survivors, you can assign them for defence or search party.