Death Worm Unblocked

Death Worm is a cool eat and upgrade game. The developer of this game was inspired by a famous movie called as Dune. During the gameplay, you will control a worm to eat animals and humans and also explode vehicles. You will jump in and out of the ground, and you will eat everything you can. As you progress, you should collect bonuses to enable power-ups. 

How To Play Death Worm Unblocked

After starting the game, you should use the Arrow keys in order to move and jump above the ground. In order to turn right, you should press the Right Arrow whereas you should press the Left Arrow in order to turn left. Moreover, the Up Arrow lets the worm accelerate. If you want to choose an upgrade, you should use the U key. After opening the upgrades section, you should use the 1 and 2 number keys. You can use fireballs by pressing the space bar whereas you can use nitro by using the N key.  

Upgrades Section

In this section, you can upgrade the worm size, worm speed, skin strength, nitro duration and fireball level. While the worm size upgrade has 7 stages, others have 6 stages. This means that you can upgrades the worm size maximum seven times whereas you can upgrades others maximum six times. 

Achievements Of Death Worm

In Death Worm, one of unblocked games, there are 5 different types of achievements including the UFO fighter, helicopter hunter, tank destroyer, cargo plane interceptor and manslayer. In order to get these achievements, you need to perform some specific actions. These actions are following:

  • UFO Fighter: After you hit 10 UFOs, you will get this achievement.
  • Helicopter Hunter: After you hit 100 helicopters, you will get this achievement.
  • Tank Destroyer: After you destroy 50 tanks, you will get this achievement.
  • Cargo Plane Interceptor: After you hit 30 cargo plane, you will get this achievement.
  • Manslayer: After you kill 300 people, you will get this achievement.