Defend Your Nuts 2

Defend Your Nuts 2 is an enjoyable shooting game. In this unblocked games 66, you will control a squirrel with a weapon. Your mission is to help this squirrel to protect its nuts from the skeleton enemies. You will earn money when you kill these skeletons. You can buy new weapons and upgrade current ones with this money. The game offers 25 challenging levels. Throughout the progress of these levels, you will face with stronger enemies, so you should keep in mind that shopping is really important in this game to deal with these enemies.

How To Play Defend Your Nuts 2 Unblocked

At the beginning of Defend Your Nuts 2, you have a bow and arrows. In this enjoyable game, you should move your mouse in order to control the bow. You can set the angle by positioning our cursor on the game screen. After setting the angle, you should make a shoot by clicking and holding the left mouse button. Holding it allows you to set the power of the shoot. Therefore, if you want to increase the power of the arrow, you should hold the left mouse button longer. Then, you will make the shoot by releasing the left mouse button.

After passing some levels, you will be able to buy new guns. You will use these guns in the same way with the bow. You will hold the left mouse button to set the power of the shoot, and release it to make your shoot. After having more than one weapon, you should use 1, 2, 3 and 4 number keys to switch your weapons.

Tricks and Tips For Defend Your Nuts 2

The most important point in this game is shopping. Therefore, you should know which capabilities you can buy. Firstly, you can throw more than one arrow at the same time by upgrading your bow. In order to strengthen your defence, you should buy a wall and repair it consistently.