Doom Unblocked

Doom is a terrific shooting and action game. In this unblocked games, you will have the first person perception. During Doom, you will face with lots of enemies. Your mission is to defeat all of these enemies. The game will offers you ammo, health and different kinds of weapons as you progress.

How To Play Doom Unblocked

In this unblocked games 66, there are lots of control keys. These keys are classified as five main categories that are the game controls, function keys, automap functions, weapons and movement.

Game Controls Category

The game controls category contains 3 keys. These keys are the P, Esc and Tab. For automap, you should press the Tab. If you want to open the game menu, you should press the Esc. Moreover, you should press the P key in order to pause the game.

Function Keys Category

The function keys category consists of 12 keys that are F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, “+” and “-“. F2 key allows you to save the game. F3 key let you load the game. You can arrange the sound volume with F4. In order to see the details, you should press F5. For quick save, you should use F6 whereas you should use F7 for ending the game. You should press F8 for messages. For quick load, you should use F9. While, you should press F10 to quit the game, you should press F11 for gamma correction. Finally, you can use “+” and “-” in order to increase and reduce view.

Automap Functions Category

The automap functions category consists of the F, M, C, “+”, “-” and O keys. As you can zoom in and out with “+” and “-”, you can zoom fully with the O key. For the follow mode, you should press the F key. In order to mark a place, you should press the M key. Also, you can clear marks by using the C key.

Weapons Category

The weapons category contains 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 keys. 1 key is for fist. 2 key is for pistol. 3 key is for shotgun. 4 key is for chain gun. 5 key is for rocket. 6 key is for plasma rifle. 7 is for AFG 9000.

Movement Category

The movement category consists of 6 keys. These are the Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Shift and Alt. You can move your character to the forward by using the Up Arrow whereas you can move your character to the backward by pressing the Down Arrow. In order to turn left and right, you should use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow. If you want to run, you should use the combination of Shift and one of arrow keys. In order to strafe, you should use the combination of Alt and one of arrow keys.