Earn to Die-2 Exodus

Earn To Die-2 Exodus, a driving action game, is one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games. In this exciting crazy zombie game, you will try to escape a zombie apocalypse in order to survive by driving over anyone and anything in your path.

You will start this one of unblocked games in your garage. At the beginning of the game, you will equip and customize your vehicle. Throughout the progress of each level, you will earn money. Then, you will upgrade your vehicle by buying more armaments, equipments and fuel.

How To Play Earn To Die-2 Exodus

In Earn To Die-2 Exodus, one of unblocked games, you will use the Arrow keys to control your vehicle to defeat all zombies. While the Up Arrow is for acceleration, the Left and Right Arrow is for tilt. Moreover, the X key is for boost. Therefore, as you can see it is really easy to play this game!

Tricks and Tips for Earn To Die-2 Exodus

We believe that you can need some tips to have a great playing with this game. These beneficial tips about the game are following:

  • You should make sure about using constantly the acceleration by keeping your finger on the Up Arrow. By using the acceleration constantly, you can reduce the risk of getting game over when you fully stop.
  • However, you should release the Up Arrow when you race down a hill because you do not need the acceleration, the physics of the game can carry you.
  • You should use the ability to boost by pressing the X key when you drive up hills or come across any bumps.This will help you overcome these obstacles.
  • You should upgrade your engine and transmission stats in order to have a better acceleration and speed. Then, you can have a better ride.
  • You should make sure about getting at least one gun. After getting it, you should also upgrade it.
  • You should upgrade constantly your fuel tank. This will lead to enhancing the ability to travel much farther.
  • You should not push through the barriers so hard. The reason of that is doing that will make your vehicle to slow down.
  • You should definitely focus more on going the distance than killing more zombies. So, keep in mind that the much farther distance you drive the higher point you get.
  • You should max out all the ride’s stats when you get money.

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