Earth Taken 3

Earth Taken 3 is an exciting shooter platform game. According to the story of this unblocked game, our planet has been taken over by the aliens. These aliens have conspired with the government. There are a few survivors, and they have thought the government cannot be trusted. Therefore, these survivor is planning to eliminate the resistance by using nuclear strikes. In this game, you will control one of these survivors.

How To Play Earth Taken 3 Unblocked

After clicking the start new game button, you should customize your character. You can select the skin, head, eyes, mouth, gender, backpack, torso and legs of your character. When you complete your appearance, the game will start.

In this unblocked games, you will use the Arrow keys, space bar, A, S, R, Q, E, X and P keys as the game controls. You can use the Arrow keys for classical movements including left, up, down and right. Also, the Arrow keys allows you to aim your target with the gun. In order to interact, you should press the space bar. If you want to shoot or use your knife, you should press the A key.

Moreover, as you should use the S key for jump, you should press it twice for double jump. If your ammo finishes, you should reload your gun by pressing the R key. When you have more than one weapon, you should use the Q key in order to switch your weapons. You should eat a food by pressing the E key in order to increase your health. Besides that, the X key allows you to take anti-rad medicine. Finally, you can pause the game and open the game menu by pressing either the P key or Esc.

If you do not feel comfortable with these keys, you can change the key settings in the control options of Earth Taken 3.

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