Fleeing the Complex

Fleeing The Complex that is one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games is a stickman strategy game, so this is good news for you, stickman lover! Also, this is a good news for Henry Stickman lover. After it reached great success, Fleeing The Complex is created with interesting features and new exciting challenges.

In this game, your character, Henry will be brought to a maximum security prison in a distant land. This prison is in a land like there are everywhere mountains that are totally covered by snow. You will see very infamous but at the same time very intelligent prisoners in this prison. Your character Henry is also one of them. Throughout the game, you will be in an adventure with Henry Stickman. You will help him to escape from this hell by considering all possibilities, making strategies and plans.

How To Play Fleeing The Complex Unblocked

This game, one of unblocked games, is a mouse controlling game. Therefore, you will use the left mouse button to play the game. Each scene, you will some clickable options to continue the story of game. By choosing one of these options, you should click on it with your mouse. Keep in mind that it is important to take in consideration all possibilities. Henry is waiting for you in that prison. If you are ready, go, help him to escape in this hell!

Tricks and Trips For Fleeing The Complex

The game is totally based on strategy, decision making and quick thinking. Therefore, you will consider the circumstances. Also, you will imagine what can happen, and then based on this, you will make decisions.

In Fleeing The Complex, you will see 4 main characters. These characters are Henry, Toppat Leader, Charles and Elilie. Also, there are Warden and Gregory, they are 2 villains of this prions. Throughout your path, some of these characters and also the prison environment will help you a lot in your whole adventure. 

In the decision making scenes, there are icons of actions, tools or weapons. You can make Henry do whatever you want by clicking one these icons. Your choices can lead to 5 different, interesting endings. Remember, your some choices can also cause bad endings! So, use your skills and strategies about making correct decisions in correct time for each scene of the game. We know some endings is not easily predictable, but you are totally free to try your options. 

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