Flood Runner 1

Flood Runner 1, the first installment of Flood Runner series, is a simple jumping and running flash game. This game is based on a stick figure character who is in the endless running. When you start the game, you will see that he is automatically and consistently running because there is a flood behind his back and he need to escape that flood. Hence, in this game, your mission is to make him escape the flood by jumping and running.  

Flood Runner 1 provide the graphics what you would expect from a game. The main character, stick figure, was animated pretty well, and the flood blue is bright enough but other than that, you also will figure out the game graphics are really simple during the gameplay. Thanks to its simple graphics and gameplay, the game is appropriate for all ages.  

How To Play Flood Runner 1 Unblocked

While playing the game, one of unblocked games, you will have a chance to practice and improve your timing because you will try to time your jump while your character is constantly running from a huge wave. After your first few tries, you will realize that ends are near in this game. Lucky you, you have unlimited lives in the game, so you can try again and again after losing the game. Besides that, the game offers an option to publish your scores. If you think you have got the best score, you can post your score online. 

After mentioning the importance of the timing in the game, lets take a look at the game controls. The game controls are the space bar, C and V keys. In order to start the endless running, you should press the space bar. When the running starts, you should press the C key in order to make your stick figure character jump. Also, in order to make the stick figure character perform a double jump, you should use the V key.