Flood Runner 2

Flood Runner 2 is the extended second installment of Flood Runner series. The player who have played the first one can easily notice the many improvements and gameplay elements in this second one. Besides that, like the first installment, you will try to help a stick figure to escape a flood. However, this time, there are 2 stick figure character options and 3 different theme options such as flood, slime and lava. 

Aside from new character and theme options, there are many new elements in Flood Runner 2, one of unblocked games. This time, you will have not only jumping, double jumping and running abilities but also wings. In order to use these wings, you need to run a certain distance and collect the certain number of gems. You can specify when the wings can be used by checking the meter on the top left corner of the game screen.  

Besides that, you will have a surfboard. You can use it only one when the first time the flood shallows you up. As you can see the surfboard gives you a chance to continue the game. Unlike the first installment, the background is full of gems that may either allow you to use wings and surfboard or increase your score. These gems can multiply your score depending their color. For example; the yellow gems have a little effect whereas the purple gems can multiply the score by 5000 and the multi-colored gems can multiply it by 10000.

How To Play Flood Runner 2

There is only one keyboard key that you should in order to control the stick figure. This is the space bar. If you want to start the game, you should use the space bar. If you want to make the stick figure jump, you should use the space bar. Moreover, for doing a double jump, you should press the space bar twice. When the meter of wings is green, you can use your wings by holing the space bar.   

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