Flood Runner 4

Flood Runner 4 that is an unblocked game in hot unblocked games is the fourth installment of the popular Flood Runner series. This fresh installment has added some improvements such as introduced upgrade system. In this racing game, you should always control your character and keep one step ahead of the flood. Also, sometimes you should keep one step ahead of a T-Rex which is following you constantly. If you get to the lower platforms, this time lava will follow you. When you go into deeper, the old standard flood will try to drown you.

How To Play Flood Runner 4 Unblocked

When Flood Runner 4 begins, your character will start to run automatically to the right side of game screen. Therefore, you do not need to do anything to make your character to run. You should just make your character to jump by pressing either the left mouse button or the Up Arrow. Also, if you want to pause the game and open the game menu, you can use the space bar.

Achievements Of Flood Runner 4

In this unblocked games, there are thousands of achievements, so we will just mention some of them:

  • Pure Tramp: You should use 1 trampoline to unlock bronze.
  • Parkour Jumper: You should jump 100 times to unlock bronze.
  • Impulsive Collector: You should collect 100 gems to unlock bronze.
  • Maxing Multiplier: You should collect a X20 multiplier to unlock bronze.
  • Superman: You should collect 1 superman to unlock bronze.
  • Wield the Shield: You should collect 1 shield to unlock bronze.
  • Surfer Dude: You should collect 1 surfboard to unlock bronze.
  • Scuba Man: You should collect 1 scuba gear to unlock bronze.
  • Gun Slinger: You should collect 1 gun to unlock bronze.
  • Banana Craze: You should slide on 1 banana peel to unlock bronze.
  • Panther Rider: You should ride on 1 panther to unlock bronze.
  • Flying Squirrel: You should use 1 air column to unlock bronze.