G-Switch 2

G-Switch 2 that is the second game in this endless runner game series is one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games. Like G-Switch, you will control the gravity force thanks to your big shoes. Also, your goal that is to run away your pursuers with avoiding the obstacles and cramps is the same with the older version of game.

If you ask what is the difference then, it is the difficulty. This newly edited fresh version is harder than the older one. You will also experience that the difficulty level has been increased when you play the game. In the first game, you just move and switch between parallel lanes, and your character runs on a horizontal path. However, in G-Switch 2, you will deal with curves and tight turns. Furthermore, your character will run on both a horizontal and vertical path.

Playing Modes of G-Switch 2

Like the older version, you have 6 playing mode that are endless mode and other multiplayer options such as 2 players mode, 3 players mode, 4 players mode, 5 players mode and 6 players mode in this new version. However, unlike the older version, you have also playing against computer mode, 7 players mode and 8 players mode in this version.

If you select endless mode which means solo mode, you will try to run as far as possible without getting harm by switching between lanes. Hence, this mode seems like survival mode, not race mode. However, if you want to race against the computer in solo way, you should select playing against computer mode.

Besides that, you can also want to experience more challenging situation. For this reason, you should choose one of multiplayer playing options of game. You can play the game against 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and even 7 people with only one device.

How To Play G-Switch 2

First of all, you should choose a playing mode. For playing against computer, you should choose playing against computer mode. For playing solo survival game, you should select endless mode. Besides that, for playing against your community, you should select one of multiplayer playing options of game.

Like the older version, your character will run automatically in this new version, so you do not need to press any keys or use mouse for that. You should just one key to perform your special skill that is flipping the direction of gravity force. Each player has a unique key for perform this skill:

  • First player should press the C key in order to perform this special skill.
  • Second player should press the M key in order to perform this special skill.
  • Third player should press the ctrl key in order to perform this special skill.
  • Fourth player should press the Right Arrow to perform this special skill,
  • Fifth player should press the A key for performing this special skill.
  • Sixth player should press the 3 key for performing this special skill.
  • Seventh player should press the B key to perform this special skill.
  • Eighth player should click the left mouse button in order to perform this special skill.