G-Switch, one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games, is a fun platform and race game. In this enjoyable game, you will be a gravity master with your big shoes, and you will try to run away your pursuer throughout the game by using your this special power. In other words, you will try to win the race by flipping the direction of gravity.

Throughout the path that you will follow, there will be dangerous things such as some obstacles and cramps. In order to survive, you should run away these dangers. The way to avoid dangers is to use your special flipping gravity power. Thanks to this power, you can move above and below the game screen by switching the center of gravity.

In G-Switch that is one of unblocked games, you are not really either running or jumping. Actually, you do not control your character. In a way, you just control the gravity with one key in this runner gravity inversion action.

Playing Modes of G-Switch

In this cool one button skill game, you will have 6 different playing modes. These modes are solo mode called as endless mode, 2 players mode, 3 players mode, 4 players mode, 5 players mode and 6 players mode. Can you see the unique opportunity? You play this game with 1, 2, 3, 4 or people on only one device.

When you play the game in solo mode called as endless mode, you will flip upside down to make your character in order to be able to run on both the ground and cope, overcome all the obstacles in your path and pass all 8 checkpoints. Hence, solo mode is not race mode, it is survival mode.

Besides that, all other 5 multiplayer playing options are race mode. With these options, you can experience the challenge against either your friends or family members.

How To Play G-Switch

Before you start the game, you select one of its playing options. If you want t o play it against the computer, you should select endless mode. Otherwise, if you want to play it with your community, you should choose one of other playing options.

In this game, because your character will run automatically, you do not need to use any keys or mouse to make it run. There is only one key that you will need to use in order to change the direction of gravity force. This key is different for each player:

  • First player will use the X key to flip the direction of gravity.
  • Second player will use the M key to flip the direction of gravity.
  • Third player will use the Right Arrow to flip the direction of gravity.
  • Fourth player will use the A key to flip the direction of gravity.
  • Fifth player will use the ctrl key to flip the direction of gravity.
  • Sixth player will use the 3 key to flip the direction of gravity.