Gangster Contract Mafia Wars

Gangster Contract Mafia Wars is a cool shooting game with the fast paced gameplay and first person perspective. In this shooting game, you will take control of the professional hitman. As a professional hitman, your mission is to complete many different contracted kills within the city. 

How To Play Gangster Contract Mafia Wars

In Gangster Contract Mafia Wars, you can use the Z, X, C, Shift, Q, E, W, D, S, A keys, left mouse button and right mouse button as the game controls. If you want to move around, you can use the W, D, S, A keys. Also, you can use either the left mouse button or the Z key in order to fire whereas you can use either the right mouse button or the X key to throw a grenade. 

If you want to cycle weapon, you can use the Q key, E key or your mouse wheel. Moreover, you can activate Carl Time by pressing the left Shift key or the C key. Finally, the E key allows you to enter vehicle.

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