Ghost Train Ride

Ghost Train Ride which is one of unblocked games in hot unblocked games is a horror kind of game in the train games category. In this game, you are about to start your career as a train conductor, and we believe that you are going to be good one! The game takes places in a scary Halloween Night. Therefore, your mission is to drive your train to the monsters and dangers along the night, and make your passengers have fun safely. In other words, you will try to be the best Halloween roller coaster brakeman.

Keep in mind that your passengers’ safety is very important in Ghost Train Ride but at the same time you should offer them an exciting ride. When you make your passengers more excited, you are going to gain more points. Passengers reactions will help you figure out which actions are appropriate or not. When you see the “Jack-o-lanterns” warning sign, you can be continue to do what you are doing. Because this means your passengers enjoy the ride. If you see wider smiles, you can understand they love it more.

Throughout the levels, you will also see yellow traffic signs. These signs are for warning you about the track’s elements such as jump, loop and slope. When you see some of these signs, you can understand which element will come to you next.

How To Play Ghost Train Ride

In this one of unblocked games, you should use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow in order to achieve your mission that is to drive the train through the scariest location and show your conducting skills to the passengers. As the Left Arrow should be pressed in order to apply the brakes, the Right Arrow should be used in order to speed up.

Awards in Ghost Train Ride

In this game, there are some special awards for special stunts. Therefore, if you want to receive a special award, you should perform a special stunt. Furthermore, you can increase your points by getting one of these special awards. These special awards are following:

  • No Brakes Award: If you want to get the No Brakes Award, you should not use brakes during the game.
  • Big Air Award: You can take the Big Air Award by flying for a long time.
  • Ridiculous Speed Award: When you reach the maximum possible speed, you can gain the Ridiculous Speed Award.
  • Mile High Award: You can take the Mile High Award by performing a high jump.
  • Vampire Bat Award: The Vampire Bat Award are given the conductors who prefer driving their train on air to driving them on the track.
  • G Force Award: If you want to gain the G Force Award, you should pull strong G forces.
  • Ghastly Ghost Award: The Ghastly Ghost Award can be gained by only the most reckless brakemen.
  • Crushing G’s Award: You should apply extremely G forces in order to get Crushing G’s Award.