is a multiplayer combat game with unique concept, lots of amazing weapons and skins. On this combat io game, you will compete in an arena against other online players. You will try to destroy them bu using your weapons. You can start this great game by choosing your character skin and username. There are many character skins as we mentioned earlier. Wachowski of these character skins has different types of weapons include maces, long swords, samurai swords and axes. 

How To Play

In, you can use the space bar, W keys, left mouse button and right mouse button as the game controls. First of all, you need to know how to control the movements of your character. In order to do that, you should move your mouse. Besides that, if you want to attack other players, you should use either the space bar or the left mouse button. Finally, you should use either the W key or the right mouse button in order to dash.