Gun Mayhem 3

Gun Mayhem 3 is the latest version of the awesome shooting game. In this game, you will battle with your friends or computer with lots of maps and characters. Like all other shooting game, your aim is to kill all of your enemies in this game.

Playing Modes Of Gun Mayhem 3 Unblocked

There are two main categories for playing mode of this awesome game. These categories are single player and custom game. By selecting single player option, you can test your skills against many difficult challenges. After selecting the single player option, you will see two more options that are tutorial and campaign modes. You can start the game by selecting one of these two modes. We recommend you to start with playing the game in tutorial mode. As soon as you complete this mode, you can play the game in campaign mode.

On the other hand, by selecting the custom game option, you can set up a custom game with up to four players. This means that you can play this game with your 3 friends on the same computer. After selecting the custom game, you will see three more options which are free for all, team deathmatch and domination mode. While playing the game in the free for all mode, you should be the last player standing. When you kill someone, you gain 100 points. Also, you can gain 10 points per crate.

While playing the game in the team deathmatch mode, you battle together in teams. Your team should be the last team standing. As you can gain 100 points per kill, you can gain 10 points per crate. Finally, while playing the game in the domination mode, you fight for control of capture points. You should be the first player who reached the point limit. Whereas you can gain 1000 points per capture, you can gain 100 points per kill. Furthermore, you can have infinite lives.

How To Play Gun Mayhem 3

For the first player, movement keys are Arrow keys. As the Z key is primary action key, the X key is secondary action key. The W, D, S and A keys are the second player’s movement keys. The T key is for primary action whereas the Y key is for secondary action. You can take a look at other controls.