Gunblood is one of addictive western shooting games. In this game, your mission is to become the most feared gunslinger. You should defeat all your opponents in one on one gun fights in order to achieve this mission. The most important point about this unblocked games, you should be very fast and shoot your enemies before they shoot you. Because when you cannot achieve that, you will lose the game.

How To Play Gunblood Unblocked

After clicking the start game button on the main menu, you should choose your character from 10 different cowboy options. Now, you are ready for western duels. In order to start the countdown, you should place your moose over the gun chamber. After waiting for 3 seconds, you will see the fire sign. At that point, you should fire the gun instantly. As you can see, the game controlling is really easy.

Tricks and Tips For Gunblood

If you want to have a better performance in this game, you should keep a few simple tips in your mind. These tips are following:

  • When you take a bullet, you should not give up. Nevertheless, you are able to still return fire and inflict your opponent.
  • If you die before your opponent, you will lose and restart from the beginning.
  • You should aim a large target such as a chest. You can make your opponent drop when you hit the chest of your opponent. If you shoot a bit high, it is better because you can get a headshot.
  • Always, you should be ready for the possibility of being shot even after your opponent dropped. He or she can continue to shoot with even his or her a few HP. Therefore, you should be sure his or her HP dropped to zero.
  • There will be some bonus rounds. In these rounds, you should be very careful about the assistant. You should avoid shooting the assistant.