Happy Room

Happy Room is an experimental game. Generally, people think that this game is like the Happy Wheels game. Actually, it is like the version of Happy Wheels in a room. We can deny that because the gameplay of both of them is quite similar. However, in this experimental game, you have a different mission. Your mission is to torturing a rag doll by placing all kinds of traps. Therefore, you will be in a very bloody and violent situation. At the same time, you will release your anger without hurting anyone, and you will have a lot of fun.

During Happy Room, you will have many task. In order to achieve these task, you should follow the in-game instructions carefully. At the beginning, you can use the traps from four available categories. Before using them, you should buy them. That is right, you have money to buy traps. After causing more damage and completing some tasks, challenges, you will earn more money and be able to use some new weapons. As you progress in this unblocked game, you unlock not only new weapons but also new traps and skins. Furthermore, you will be able to buy some special items such as piranhas and saw, and access different types of explosives, guns and melee.

How To Play Happy Room

In this experimental unblocked games, you should use your mouse generally to choose and place weapons. After placing them, you should click on the play button in the bottom right of the game screen in order to let the rag doll fall. If you want to control the speed of the experiment, you should press the number next to the play button. You can select one of 0.25, 0.5, 1 and 2 options. If your experiment is finished, you should press the play button again in order to clean the place and prepare the place for the new experiment.