Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels, one of unblocked games in also unblocked games 66, is a bloody an entertaining action game. For its dark sense of humor and graphic violence, this game is best known. During the game, you will see a lot of guts and blood. In this game, your aim is to go far across each level without getting hurt. Keep in mind that even the smallest body part injuries lead to lose the game, and the game is over. Therefore, you should be very patient to achieve your aim.

How To Play Happy Wheels

After clicking the Play Demo button, you will have 9 different environments, so 9 different levels. You can choose one of them. After selecting game environment, you should also select your character.

In this one of unblocked games, you will use the Left Arrow, Down Arrow, Right Arrow and Up Arrow in order to move your character. For acceleration, you should press the Up Arrow. On the other hand, for deceleration, you should press the Down Arrow. As in order to lean the forward, you should use the Right Arrow and in order to lean the back, you should use the Left Arrow. Moreover, you can use the Z key in order to eject. Finally, the space bar allows you to jump.

Difficulty Level

This entertaining game has the default difficulty level. This means that you cannot select the difficulty level. The game will start with this default level, and after completing each level, this level will increase.

Game Options

In the game options section, you can customize the graphics quality. There are 3 different graphics quality options. These are high, medium and low. Besides that, you can either enable or disable the sound of the game.

Tricks and Tips For Happy Wheels

There are some useful tricks and tips for Happy Wheels. These are following:

  • During the game, you should take your time and anticipate what the next challenge is.
  • Within each level, there are some small indicators and clues. You should pay attention to them in order to learn what the obstacles and traps do.
  • Remember to keep it slow and steady.
  • When you feel you are stuck in a level, you should select another level not to getting too pissed off the game.
  • You should watch your head. The head is the most important part of your body, so you should protect it at all costs.
  • Also, do not forget to create a balance while controlling your character. After creating the balance, you should try to maintain it.