Helmet Heroes

Helmet Heroes, an unblocked game, is an exotic adventure. In this adventure, you will face with lots of exciting things. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for that. In this unblocked games, your mission is to conquer the battles and make a great teamwork with your friends. You should blast your path through a bunch of foes by using many strong weapons. Besides that, you can have a chance to raise a pet and help your pet wear a helmet in the game. With this helmet, your pet is able to be invincible.

How To Play Helmet Heroes Unblocked

In order to move your character, you should ese the W, D, S and A keys or the Arrow keys. If you want to attack your enemies, you should press the space bar. Also, you can pick up some items by pressing the E key.

Classes Of Helmet Heroes

In this unblocked games, there are 4 different classes. These are the warrior, mage, archer and cowboy. Each of these classes has unique characteristics.

  • The Warrior: The focuses of warriors are defence and power. They generally wear highly defensive armor. This armor allows them to deal large amounts of damage and so get up close with their enemies. Their armors and helmets are fully protected for a high resistance to damage. They can use melee weapons and shields.
  • The Mage: Mages are best know with dealing extremely high damage over a short period of time. Their projectiles let them make attacks without obligation of being directly next to an enemy. They do not have good equipment although they have some range capabilities.
  • The Archer: Archers are really good at long distance attacks thanks to their bows. However, their damage is not as high as a mage or warrior. Their equipments are generally natural materials.
  • The Cowboy: Cowboys are guns’ masters. They have some special abilities such as throwing grenades and attacking upwards. They wear cowboy hats or pirate clothes.

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